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Before the heroism of Sora, and Riku... Before the Sacrifices of Aqua, Terra, and Ventus... Before the worlds fell to darkness and Kingdom Hearts was lost...
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» Rules of the Forum - Please read these before any activity.
Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:55 pm by Frozen Aqua

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 Rules of the Forum - Please read these before any activity.

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PostSubject: Rules of the Forum - Please read these before any activity.   Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:55 pm

Below are the general rules pertaining to the forum, please read these before participating in any part of the forum!

1. Respect the other members of this forum. Be kind to everyone and everyone should be kind to you. I really care about this rule because, I'm not interested in hosting a toxic environment.

2. No drama, if you do have a problem with someone else and can't control it, then take it somewhere else or let an admin/mod know.

3. Only post in the appropriate areas. For example, if you're posting something that has to do with the RP like say a character action; make sure you put it in the right place. If you're discussing video games or movies or any of that stuff; keep it out of the role play. (Stay in character unless you're in an Out of character forum)

4. Especially respect the admins and mods. They work hard to ensure this place is a fun and healthy environment for you to enjoy, so show them respect!

5. There is absolutely no sexual harassment allowed here. If we see it we will punish you! If anyone comes to us about it and we deem that it counts as sexual harassment we will punish you! Of course sexual harassment doesn't include telling someone they are attractive, but if you make any sort of sexual reference that directly indicates an unrequited desire to perform sexual actions, we will punish you! (Innuendos are Okay though because those are all just in good fun.)

6. Don't falsely report people. If you are found reporting someone of sexual harassment or being disrespectful, and it's not really what's happening we will punish you. Examples include: Reporting for Sexual Harassment because someone said "You're a pretty/handsome girl/boy" or making a "that's what he/she said joke" or claiming that someone is disrespecting you because they disagree with your opinions.

7. This is a place of free speech, you're allowed to feel and think and even say things so long as they don't break the other rules. That said the only topics I won't allow on this forum are Religion, Politics, and Activism as these always lead to fights.

8. Don't be racist! If you're really a truly racist person, keep it to yourself. We don't want those kinds of people here either way, but if that's what you are then keep it to yourself. No one wants to hear about racism or hatred for other people cause of who they were born as. Also don't be Sexist, this includes sexism towards Girls ie: "Girls aren't useful for anything but cooking and sex" or Guys ie:"Guys aren't useful for anything but fixing my car and sex" unless it's an obvious joke and everyone is on board with it.

9. Spam is illegal here! Copy pastas are okay so long as you're not posting them too often and memes are also okay under the same premise as copy pastas, also don't post pictures in the chat box as it takes up a lot of space, and it can lag the chat box.

10. This is the most important rule! We are all here to have fun! So do just that.

After reading these rules please look over the Punishments section!
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Rules of the Forum - Please read these before any activity.
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