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Before the heroism of Sora, and Riku... Before the Sacrifices of Aqua, Terra, and Ventus... Before the worlds fell to darkness and Kingdom Hearts was lost...
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 Game Mechanics

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PostSubject: Game Mechanics   Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:44 am


Character Creation: From Character and Key Blade to death.

Character creation will be posted onto a sheet, the sheet will ask for details such as name, gender, age, nation, likes, dislikes, description, small backstory and so on. However on our character sheets at the bottom we will ask each player to pick from a list of weapons. These choices will determine a player's role in battles, builds, and stat progression.

The Sword: Attack+/-
The Sheild: Defense+/-
The Wand: Magic+/-
The Rapier: Speed+/-
The Dagger: Evasiveness+/-

Each player will be required to pick 2 and abandon one. The weapons they choose will determine what stats will grow at a faster pace. The weapon the abandon will determine which stats grow at a greatly reduced rate, and the weapon left behind will be a neutral growth stat. Players are also expected to record their stats on these sheets as they progress, so that it is public knowledge to all players. These Sheets must be approved by an admin.

Key Blade Sheets: These are slightly more simple, they will ask a player to input a name, and a description. However they will also have to make bonuses and draw backs for their blades. Players can Choose to have an Elemental key Blade with the Element Fire, Ice, Water, or Thunder. Only those four. A player can also choose to have a neutral key blade. Bonuses must be balanced, and custom, no two key blades can have he same skill, but two key blades may have the same draw back. Here is an Example

Fiery Dragon: +Fire Damage to all Basic Attacks, deals 50% damage to Water Key Blade users.

Heated Steel: +Fire Damage to all skills, Deals 50% damage to Water Key Blade users.

Notice that the Fiery Dragon deals fire based damage to all enemies hit by it's basic attack, this is different from Heated Steal which only deals fire based damage on skills. However in battle both have the same weakness against water key blade users.

Each key Blade is allowed two bonuses but may only have 1 draw back. These sheets must also be Admin Approved.

Death: Considering that this is a war, when a character is killed in battle he is gone forever. Whoever dealt the finishing blow is allowed to loot him, unless he was also killed. Looting a dead character includes taking all their Munny, Items, and even their Key Chain. if the player is not looted, then the items including the key chain are destroyed.

If a player is killed he is allowed to Roll another character with the same level as the fallen one and access to all the skills a player can have at that level to build a new character. However this character may not be the same or very similar to the previous, and the key blade will not be created by the player but rather by the admin. Why? Because death is the very thing we try to avoid in this game, so if you die you are punished by the system. A player may seek his previous killer and try to win back his original key blade however granted that it's still in the game and not destroyed.
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Game Mechanics
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