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Before the heroism of Sora, and Riku... Before the Sacrifices of Aqua, Terra, and Ventus... Before the worlds fell to darkness and Kingdom Hearts was lost...
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 Battle Mechanics

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PostSubject: Battle Mechanics   Fri Sep 05, 2014 4:22 pm

Battle Mechanics are pretty simple in this game. Each player has 4 Main commands listed below:


Fight has 2 sub commands:

Attack! and Skill!

Attack will allow the player to use a basic attack

Skill allows a player to use a Skill he or she learned.

Magic also has 2 sub commands

Attack! and Buff!

if Attack! is selected the player then gets to choose a spell from a list of spells that either Debuffs or damages the enemy.

If Buff! is selected then the player gets to use a spell that buffs himself or his team mates.

Item has no sub commands

Items can be used only if they are in a player's quick slot and not from a full inventory

Defend allows the player to defend from attacks with two sub commands.

Block: Block 25% of the damage dealt by enemy attacks.

Dodge: Roll a D-10 to check against the attacker and add your agility modifier if you roll higher the attack misses altogether and deals no damage.

Now onto actual battle.

You might have noticed that there are 6 stats
Each attack stat correlates to a Defense stat

Valor which is your damage stat Correlates to Fortitude which is your Defensive Stat

In War of Keys we use a D-20 system to determine hit chances and damage. Every 2 points in a stat above 10 give the player a stat modifier. We determine hit chances by rolling D-20 and adding our modifiers to them, If your roll as the attacker is higher than the Defender's roll you land a hit, if the Defender's rolls is higher then the attack does not hit.

If the attack hits then the attacker deals damage equal to his weapon stat plus his modifier. If he is using a skill that improves damage output the player will also Roll a dice and multiply his weapon stat by the number he rolls.

Now it works similarly for Magic except using Sorcery to Attack and Wisdom to defend, we determine hit chances exactly the same way as well.

Determining damage in a magical battle is slightly different, you select your spell and roll the dice assigned to it. For Example if you select Fira, you must roll a D-12 and then add your weapon stat and modifier.

Swiftness and Agility don't directly correlate to damage and defense,

Swiftness determines who moves first in a fight, since War of Keys is turn based whoever has the most speed will be allowed to go first in terms of turns or attacks.

Agility is required only for certain skills, players who choose agility will learn more skills at a quicker rate thus being able to compete with Higher Damaging players because they have the skills to compensate.

If anyone has any questions for us about the Battle System please feel free to ask the staff.

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Battle Mechanics
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